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Cornell alpha Kappa Delta Phi


First Row: Anna, Cindy, Joanne, Annie, Rosalyn
Middle Row: me, Hellin, Helen, Sanyd, Nancy, Vicki, Thu-Ba
Last Row: Cuc, Jen, Angela, Helen, Patti, Janet

These are my Cornell aKDPhi sisters. I love each of them very much. I have such an awesome time hanging out w/ them. They make me laugh and I'm going to miss them so much next semester. =**( I will esp. miss all the graduating seniors. Most of them are Charters and they built KDPhi ~ we would not be where we are without them. I wish them the best as they find jobs and leave Cornell forever. I also hope that we can live up to your standards for KDPhi. To all my sisters, thank you for being there for me. You mean so much to me! You've brought a new meaning to Love, Friendship, & Sisterhood. =D

These are my pledge sisters, Jocelyn & Helen. Joce is a super-genius. She is already in Law school at the age of 20. After we crossed I only got to hang out with her for one semester cuz she graduated. =**( She is the funniest, smartest, and prettiest girl I know. I have such a great time chillin with her. When we were pledging, she would also watch out for me...she was more like a big sis to me. =D I miss her very much. I really hope I get to see her soon. Helen is also really smart. She's premed...which means I can go to her when I need a doc. =P She also makes me laugh. With our sarcasm, we are definitely gonna get into wild cat fights next year when we live together. The funny thing is that even though I met her at the aKDPHi rush meeting, we actually were in the smae elementary and junior high school!

These are my sisters in my lineage: my big big sis, Nat, and my big sis, Christine. They are both tall, beautiful, and smart ~ yes I am the odd ball. They also both graduated last year, leaving me an orphan at Cornell. Nat is hilarious and knows how to play psychological mind games. She now works at Arthur Andersen. Christine is the more serious type. But I will always be grateful for the way she helped me get through pledge. She now works at Pershing. I hope to see them more this semester. 


This is one of my closest KDPhi sisters, Nancy. She is one of the sweetest, boldest, and most interesting person I know. She is also gorgeous (yeah mad guyz mack on her!) But she is also one of my dearest friends who I can always confide in. Nancy and I have been through so much in terms of long-distance relationships. I guess that is what brings us so close. I just hope things work out for the both of us. =*) Nancy means a lot to me. She always makes me laugh. I am so excited that we will be living together next year. We are gonna have an AWESOME senior year!!~~!!~!

My sisters and I celebrate Joce's b-day.

(Joce, Nat, Kelly, me, Roz, Hellin, Vicki)


Shopping on Rodeo Drive

(me, Cathy, Christine, Patti)


Ready to party at the aKDPhi National Convention '99!

(Nancy, Anna, Sandy, me, Jen)

My PeBBLeS Family


aKDPHi National Convention '99

(Jen, Vicki, me, Christine, Cathy, Angela, Anna, Patti, Sandy, Nancy)


BBQ at my house

(me, Michelle, Karine, Judy, Helen, Sandy, Kelly, Christine, Angela)


Thanksgiving '99 Sisterhood Dinner

~One of my last planned events as sisterhood chair~

(Helen, Nancy, Joanne, me, Jen, Helen, Janet, Christine, Michelle, Cindy, Annie, Anna, Sandy, Angela, Cuc


This is my LiL Lambda BRo Richie.


aKDPhi supports Breast Cancer Awareness