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This is my honey, Brian. We've been going out for 4 years! He's the sweetest guy I know and he treats me like a princess. There is never a time that he doesn't treat me with respect (Ok that was a lie). But on those few occassions that he does disrespect me, it is only cuz he's joking around.


We barely ever argue, if you can even call it arguing. Anytime there is a disagreement, at least one of us always gives in. But don't get the impression that we are a perfect couple. We do get mad at each other. And of course we make up. My relationship with my honey is very special. I've made it this far "Because 'he' Loved Me." =)

My honey goes to Pace University and lives in New Jersey so that our relationship is a long-distance one. It's been pretty hard being 5 hours away. However, we are surviving with flying colors. Brian is so sweet and calls me every day ~ Gosh, you should see his phone bill!! It is still pretty hard and I miss him so much. But I once heard a saying that applies to our situation : "The harder the obstacle, the stronger one becomes after hurdling it." We are definitely becoming stronger.



Dear Sweetie

Hey Babe! Whaz up? First I want to thank you for 4 years of pure love and joy. You have made me so happy. I don't know where I would be without you. You have supported me in everything I do (with the exception of skydiving =). You give me the encouragement when I'm feeling down; you give me the praise when I have done something well; you lecture me when I'm being lazy with my schoolwork or when I have made a mistake; and you give me the love I need.

Baby, I love you so much because you are always there for me. You help me out in every way and have managed to make this long distance relationship work. I know we have a wonderful relationship because we would both drop everything to help and protect each other. Thank you for everything. I love you most!! I miss you most!! You complete me!


Kim, Your Snoopy




Anniversary: Friday, October 13, 1995